15 companies participated:

Avery Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. – Jerry Soon

Cardinal Weighing (M) Sdn. Bhd. – Lee Kian Wei

Comscale Enterprise – Ang KL

CWIS Systems Sdn. Bhd. – Ching Teik Hock

Magoda Weighing Instrument Sdn. Bhd. – Ts. Harman Chua

Masstech Weighing Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. – Chua Lai Hook

Scalematic Enterprise – Yew Chin Boh

Sigma Weighing Sdn. Bhd. – Chin Tai Hin

Sin Huat Hin Machinery M Sdn. Bhd – Wayne Ng & Christopher Ng

Sing Hoe Weighing Equipment Sdn. Bhd. – Yong CM

SP Weighing System Sdn. Bhd. – Koh Kim Seng, Ong Cheng Hooi

Sun Hing Weighing Scales Sdn. Bhd. – Seet Khing Aik

S.E.T. Weighing System Sdn. Bhd. – Stanley Choke

Teras Integrasi Sdn. Bhd. – Zul Arshad

Weigh & Measure Engineering Sdn. Bhd. – Zulkilfi

Chairman of Association Chin Tai Hin welcomes everyone and appreciates the valuable time taken to meet in PPATSM office physically for the first time in 2022. Matters related to ATK (Weighbridges) is assigned to Chua Lai Hook for future collaboration, fruitful discussion and useful information are exchanged as follow, but not limited to:

– Previous meeting with KPDNHEP has involved complaints received on issue related to unreasonable charges of “Pattern Approval Plate” to end user. 

– Members are given related information and are encouraged to review and ensure prices offer to end user are justifiable, in line with the products and services offered

– All attended today agree to commit FAIR PRICE PRACTICES in the industry to show the unity of services render to end user

– The 15 companies also agree that the estimated units of ATK (weighbridges) covered by this group of companies are MORE THAN 50% of the Malaysia market share

– Majority have already obtained the necessary Certificate of Approval from certification body since 2018 and may be disappointed on the delays in implementation scheduled on 1st July 2022

– Majority agree to adhere to the announcement made and always be ready to help the end user

The Chairman of the Association Chin Tai Hin ends the meet up session and reiterates that issues on technicality of services offered to end user which may create doubts or competition are to be resolved by members respectively, as the Association is to help members to be united and not the other way. 

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